Creative Mullumbimby

Creative Mullumbimby is a community cultural development organisation, dedicated to facilitating innovative and creative place making.

CM supports artistic endeavour in Mullumbimby and the Byron Shire.

We foster creativity as an everyday activity and actively support professional artists.

Collaborating with individuals, local community groups, organisations, the Byron Shire Council and the Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce

Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk

The Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk began in 2013 with a successful development application in Palm Park along the banks of the Brunswick River.

Its intended purpose is to showcase permanent and temporary site-specific public art, expressing stories linked to the town’s unique history, contemporary culture and natural environment.

The first commissioned sculpture Enter Here was completed in 2016.

There are now, with the Echoes of Chincogan, five completed permanent works with a further two in the planning phase.

The opportunity continues for new works, both permanent and temporary, expressing bold and innovative ideas unique to Mullumbimby.

Threads of sculptural installation will continue throughout the Story Trail, the whole township and surrounds, as placemaking develops in the coming decades.

The Sculpture Walk will be an enduring presence of CM’s achievements

Mullumbimby Arts Hub

The Big Roof, Mullumbimby Arts Hub will be a place of creative exploration and expression, where people of ages and abilities can develop their creative interests. This project is still in its concept stage and we are currently scoping the interest in the community for possible options to include in our project plan.. Your responses in our survey will be greatly appreciated.

take our survey on the proposal for a Mullumbimy Arts Hub


Mullumbimby Master Plan


The Story Trail, now a Priority Project within the Mullumbimby Master Plan, will connect many existing and future community projects.

To improve the access and mobility of Mullumbimby residents, the Story Trail will connect, Heritage Park Rainforest Arboretum, Palm Park and the Sculpture Walk, The Drill Hall, The Riverside walking and bike path, The Museum, The Community Gardens, the Saltwater Creek bushfood trail, The Railway Line and The Ross Industrial Estate and Arts Studio precinct.

It is also an imaginative web that creates a blueprint for project ideas that can emerge and be created by anyone. They can be grounded in truth or fantasy, be permanent, ephemeral or virtual within the Mullumbimby Keeping Place.

The Keeping Place is a virtual realm of ideas and concepts that will integrate with the physical Story Trail. It will include many existing stories of Mullumbimby’s history and culture including Brunswick Valley Historical Society’s Historical Interpretative Trail, a Significant Tree Trail and an Aboriginal Dreaming Trail.

Collaboration Incubation Instigation

Collaboration and partnership with other local organisations have been key to our process from the outset.  CM has partnered with and is supported by Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce, Brunswick Valley Historical Society, Byron Community College, Byron Shire Council, Mullumbimby High School & Primary School, COREM, Arakwal Corporation, Bunyarra Cultural Collective and Social Habitat Housing Incorporated.

Incubation: we seek to nurture new ideas and act as an umbrella under which creative initiatives can grow. Projects that we have supported include: Byron Trails; Stories in the Club; CALDERA Contemporary Textile Collective; and Recreation of Mullumbimby Gateway.

Instigation of projects to improve the physical fabric and wellbeing of the community – Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk, Our Mullumbimby Masterplan, Ingenuity Sculpture Festival and Mullumbimby Story Trail