Creative Mullumbimby

Creative Mullumbimby is a community cultural development organisation, dedicated to facilitating innovative and creative place making.

CM supports artistic endeavour in Mullumbimby and the Byron Shire.

We foster creativity as an everyday activity and actively support professional artists.

Collaborating with individuals, local community groups, organisations, the Byron Shire Council and the Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce

Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk

The Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk began in 2013 with a successful development application in Palm Park along the banks of the Brunswick River.

Its intended purpose is to showcase permanent and temporary site-specific public art, expressing stories linked to the town’s unique history, contemporary culture and natural environment.

The first commissioned sculpture Enter Here was completed in 2016.

There are now, with the Echoes of Chincogan, five completed permanent works with a further two in the planning phase.

The opportunity continues for new works, both permanent and temporary, expressing bold and innovative ideas unique to Mullumbimby.

Threads of sculptural installation will continue throughout the Story Trail, the whole township and surrounds, as placemaking develops in the coming decades.

The Sculpture Walk will be an enduring presence of CM’s achievements

INGENUITY Maquette Exhibition 2021

$8000 Public Art Commission 

Sponsored by:

Artists of The NSW Northern Rivers

Call for Expressions of Interest


Presented by Creative Mullumbimby Inc

With support from Northern Rivers Community Foundation

Creative Mullum has, in recent years, held the Ingenuity Festival located on the sculpture walk in Mullumbimby where scores of sculptures have been installed for 2 weeks. Prizes have been awarded including the installation of works amongst other commissioned sculptures.

A smalls program has been part of the Festival.  This year the Festival will focus on the exhibition of small works.  As in previous years prizes are available – with one leading to the commission of a full size work for the Mullum Sculpture Walk.

Please read below and then go to

Ingenuity Maquette 2021 Submission Instructions

 The Theme for the exhibition is 


For Mullum Sculpture Walk (MSW) there is an underlying preference for works that engage with the site. This can be the physicality of it, such as: the ground, the light, the vegetation, the smells, the presence of water, the buildings surrounding it, the sewer or rainwater outlet seeping through. But it can also be non-physical; about the people who normally use the place, the social structure of the community around it, the history of the place. 

Interested sculptors are invited to propose works on the theme of HOME, a very relevant notion in these times. It is a site specific work to be installed on the MSW amongst other works that relate to this place. Again, the meaning of ‘site specific’ is broad and it is pertinent to indicate the interpretative scope.     

“Site specific:  The notion of site specific has emerged from the architectural premise of genius loci which is Latin for Spirit of Place, referring to a location’s distinctive atmosphere. In the ancient Roman scheme of things this spirit had a protective function. IN the case of the Mullum Sculpture Walk we like to consider a broader interpretation of location to be not just the sculpture walk and its variety of sites but the geographical and cultural identity of the area itself.

As a site-specific work of art is designed for a specific location, if removed from that location it loses all or a substantial part of its meaning. The term site-specific is often used in relation to installation art (

Site-specific art is artwork created to exist in a certain place. Typically, the artist takes the location into account while planning and creating the artwork. (Wikipedia)

For the purposes of this commission it can be extended:

·        art focused on the relationship between the work, the surrounding space and the presence of the viewer and based on a conscious interaction between a sculpture and the physical site.

·        art based on engagement and dealing with social issues; not necessarily a physical location but an audience, a social issue, a community or an environmental matter.

·        art where actual location and community are both less important than a cultural debate.

From this, the notion of HOME as a sculptural theme, may have many applications. 

Home is the Northern Rivers, a particular shire or LGA (Local Government Area), a street in a town, a house on a hill. Home is a community. Home is a building. Home is an idea I love. I don’t have Home. Home is nurture. I am seeking Home. I lost my Home. Homes should be tiny. I am HOME.

It is recommended that artists spend some time on MSW site.


+ time


  1. Entries Open April 9
  1. Expressions of Interest (EOI’s):  Artists are required to submit drawings, photos or other two dimensional representations of sculptural concepts accompanied by an artist statement of no more than 100 words; how the proposed work addresses the theme of HOME. May 15, 2021 (11:59pm).
  • Long Listed artists advised and asked to produce three dimensional maquettes of their concepts for exhibition.

    May 30, 2021

  1. The Maquette exhibition; These will be displayed for 2 days in the Mullumbimby RSL Auditorium. The maquette size to be no more than 60cm max in any one dimension and be accompanied by an installation design.  Delivery July 2, 2021
  1. Announcement of selected work and award of $2000 initial prize at the exhibition opening celebration July 3, 2021
  1. Exhibition Deinstall from 5pm July 4, 2021
  1. Interim payments as fabrication of selected work is progressed, up to $4000
  1. Final fabrication and installation of work on MSW and final payment by November 30, 2021


RGoL Prize

 $8000 commission

This prize is payable in instalments from announcement through to installation on Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk.

Ownership of the awarded sculpture remains with the artist but must remain on site for 5 years.  After five years from date of installation the piece may remain or be removed or sold or returned to the artist by mutual agreement with the CM committee and the artist.

At the Maquette exhibition the winning work will be selected and the committee will then liaise with the artist to confirm situation and placement details.  A $2000 prize will be gifted on the night of selection, and construction prize of $6000 offered in staged parts in accordance with needs.  Final installation would be expected by the end of November.

Installation, maintenance and deinstallation will also be supported and arranged by the ongoing liaison between project manager and artist. This includes additional financial support for installation, maintenance and deinstallation..

Peoples’ Choice 

$500 cash

This prize will be chosen, through a voting process, by visitors to the Maquette exhibition over July 2 – 4, 2021. Funds derived from the ‘pay as you vote’ process will be applied to this Prize.

In the event of a tie the prize will be shared equally. 


+ eligibility

Artists must be resident of the following local shires of the NSW Northern Rivers region: Ballina, Byron Shire, Clarence Valley, Kyogle, Lismore, Tweed and Richmond Valley.  

There is a $20 entry fee.

 Applications will be reviewed by a Curatorial panel.

  1. If an EOI is accepted there will be instructions and recommendations for how to proceed – mostly relating to the overall design which must be specified in the accompanying statement that includes practical installation and safety.
  2. You may be asked to elaborate on some points of your application, or we may propose some additional element.
  3. Include a risk assessment and how you have reduced the risks, both for the install crew as well as the audience.
  4. Indicate any possible need to include a barrier or signage during installation.
  5. Works racist or prejudiced against a minority, sexual orientation or religion, derogative or insulting to any individual or group will not be accepted

Contact for details., PO Box 116 Mullumbimby

Please complete online application form Here: 

Ingenuity Maquette 2021 Submission Instructions


Christopher Dean              0411 600 073

Suvira McDonald               0402 125 922

Mullumbimby Master Plan


The Story Trail, now a Priority Project within the Mullumbimby Master Plan, will connect many existing and future community projects.

To improve the access and mobility of Mullumbimby residents, the Story Trail will connect, Heritage Park Rainforest Arboretum, Palm Park and the Sculpture Walk, The Drill Hall, The Riverside walking and bike path, The Museum, The Community Gardens, the Saltwater Creek bushfood trail, The Railway Line and The Ross Industrial Estate and Arts Studio precinct.

It is also an imaginative web that creates a blueprint for project ideas that can emerge and be created by anyone. They can be grounded in truth or fantasy, be permanent, ephemeral or virtual within the Mullumbimby Keeping Place.

The Keeping Place is a virtual realm of ideas and concepts that will integrate with the physical Story Trail. It will include many existing stories of Mullumbimby’s history and culture including Brunswick Valley Historical Society’s Historical Interpretative Trail, a Significant Tree Trail and an Aboriginal Dreaming Trail.

Collaboration Incubation Instigation

Collaboration and partnership with other local organisations have been key to our process from the outset.  CM has partnered with and is supported by Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce, Brunswick Valley Historical Society, Byron Community College, Byron Shire Council, Mullumbimby High School & Primary School, COREM, Arakwal Corporation, Bunyarra Cultural Collective and Social Habitat Housing Incorporated.

Incubation: we seek to nurture new ideas and act as an umbrella under which creative initiatives can grow. Projects that we have supported include: Byron Trails; Stories in the Club; CALDERA Contemporary Textile Collective; and Recreation of Mullumbimby Gateway.

Instigation of projects to improve the physical fabric and wellbeing of the community – Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk, Our Mullumbimby Masterplan, Ingenuity Sculpture Festival and Mullumbimby Story Trail