Mullumbimby Master Plan


The Story Trail, now a Priority Project within the Mullumbimby Master Plan, will connect many existing and future community projects.

To improve the access and mobility of Mullumbimby residents, the Story Trail will connect, Heritage Park Rainforest Arboretum, Palm Park and the Sculpture Walk, The Drill Hall, The Riverside walking and bike path, The Museum, The Community Gardens, the Saltwater Creek bushfood trail, The Railway Line and The Ross Industrial Estate and Arts Studio precinct.

It is also an imaginative web that creates a blueprint for project ideas that can emerge and be created by anyone. They can be grounded in truth or fantasy, be permanent, ephemeral or virtual within the Mullumbimby Keeping Place.

The Keeping Place is a virtual realm of ideas and concepts that will integrate with the physical Story Trail. It will include many existing stories of Mullumbimby’s history and culture including Brunswick Valley Historical Society’s Historical Interpretative Trail, a Significant Tree Trail and an Aboriginal Dreaming Trail.