The Solar Culture Ark

The Ark

The Solar Culture Ark, or simply The ARK, is a multipurpose community asset. It will allow off-grid cultural events to be held in remote or unusual places.

Imagine a Jazz concert in a cow paddock, an art festival on the beach, or a poetry night in our town streets. The Ark can be a stage, an exhibition place, a production office, an art workshop or simply a base for safe storage. We have fitted out a 6 m. shipping container with its own solar powered electrical supply, basic staging infrastructure, an internal storage system as well as tables, chairs and a workbench.

The fit out can be expanded on, to create temporary smaller size cultural event.

The ARK is a vessel that contains the possibility for almost every artistic expression of humankind, waiting to be let out so we can have the means to sail and land anywhere.

Ark Bookings

The Ark is a community asset, free for any not-for-profit cultural use in the Byron Shire, except for the cost of locating and removal from site and any maintenance cost incurred during its use

However, donations are always welcome

Bookings can be requested on-line here.

A member of Creative Mullumbimby will contact you for further details.

For-profit organisations or events the Ark’s use will incur a fee.

In your email please describe the dates of use,  place and purpose of use and a little history of your organisation.

When possible also include some images of past projects.

If you are uncertain if the ARK is for you, then please read through the manuals to determine if the capabilities will fit your purpose.

What’s in the Box

The Ark Interior
The Ark Interior

Manuals and Resources

Explore the Ark further by downloading these manuals

–  General and overview manual

 Solar panels and charging 

–  Winch-ups and Truss system

–  Awnings

–  Incident report form.

Tarps and Tripod
Tarps and Tripod

 The solar culture ark was made possible through support of the NSW government